In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, FiveThirtyEight's Walt Hickey revealed what America is eating in different areas of the nation this Thursday. Based on data from a SurveyMonkey poll with 1,058 respondents, 82% of people are eating turkey as the centerpiece for this year's meal.

The regional differences are highlighted, however, when you look at the meal's side dishes. In the Mid-Atlantic, 17% of people have cauliflower as a side compared with 9% of the nation, while 40% of Texas and the central southern states have cornbread, compared with 28% of the country as a whole. Those in the southeast eat mac n' cheese, with 35% responding that it was a main side dish compared with 20% of the nation, and New England tables will be filled with squash, as 56% of respondents say it is a staple of Thanksgiving, compared with only 18% of America. 

What about dessert? Every region enjoys pumpkin pie. But beyond that, there are three Americas: The America that disproportionately has apple pie (New England and the Middle Atlantic), the America that has pecan pie and sweet potato pie (the assorted South), and the America that consumes cherry pie (the Midwest and West).

Still, after dessert, the nation unites around that most American of traditions: buying stuff. With little variation among regions, a solid 23% of respondents said they would shop Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving Day, a great way to leave the family behind a little early.

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