BLS data shows construction as the No. 2 growth industry by percentage growth.

National Association of Home Builders economics, tax, and policy expert Rob Dietz casts an analytical eye on yesterday's release by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of U.S. employment projections through the year 2024, across the key categories of growth and decline.

The numbers in construction employment stand out from the rest as strong and positive over the 10-year period, fourth in absolute growth in number of jobs among industries, and second in percentage growth, only eclipsed by health care and social work jobs. Dietz notes one key caveat about the BLS numbers.

It is worth noting that the BLS projections for construction do not lift employment above the total measured for 2004. Over the 2004-2014 period, 837,800 construction jobs were lost on a net basis, a larger number than the expected 2014-2024 gain.

Too, here's a look within construction at some of the key areas for opportunity: top growing jobs include solar photovoltaic installers (24.3% total growth over ten years), iron/rebar workers (23.4%), insulation workers (19.4%), brickmasons and blockmasons (17.9%), electricians (13.7%), and earth drillers (13.6%).

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