Redfin data on what ranks as home buyers' highest priorities.

On the surface, home buyers rank national, regional, and local politics as practical non-factors in their decision to buy and in their priorities around where and what to buy.

Scratch a little beyond the surface, however, and you get a different read, writes Redfin content producer Alex Starace in a piece entitled, "Homebuyers Don’t Think Housing Is an Important Political Issue. We Disagree." Starace notes that three out of four home buyers polled in February don't rank housing as an important political issue in a year that's all about politics and candidacies. However, that's not what comes through when you peel back the layers and look at what's important to buyers in their choices. Starace writes:

The second most-cited reason for buying was that rent is too high. That’s practical–and political. Dig a little deeper and we find that homeowners make a lot of decisions on buying that are unquestionably political.

For example, when we asked buyers what they were looking for in a new house, 40 percent checked off school quality, 34 percent said a reasonable commute, 34 percent said green space and 20 percent said parking. Eighteen percent cited property taxes and another 18 percent wanted to be walking distance from shops, nightlife and entertainment.

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