Wall Street Journal analysis of Labor Department data for 342 U.S. counties.

More than 93% of the nation’s 342 largest counties posted job growth between June 2014 and June 2015, the Labor Department said Thursday.

Wall Street Journal staffer Anna Louie Sussman drills into the county-level stats, which paint a picture of a spotty, choppy, uneven-handed recovery, even as national data points signal a fairly-well dispersed rebound in jobs and wages. Sussman writes:

For wage growth, the money’s in California. Of the 10 counties with the fastest-growing wages, seven were in that state, with Ventura County’s 15.2% pay raise topping the list. The average weekly wage there grew by $143 over the year ended June 2015. In Santa Clara, wages grew 11.3%, for an extra $214 per weekly paycheck. But Kern County, Calif., with an economy largely based on oil production, saw its employment and wages both fall by 1%.

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