Drones fly high, but Feds and local governments are clashing over uses, permissions, laws, and guidelines.

Unmanned aerial vehicles are all the rage these days, and not in a good way, as federal agencies are scrapping with drone-makers, local government jurisdictions, and end-users of all stripes over issues like safety, privacy, and such.

New York Times staffer Cecilia Kang offers a thorough take on the surge in oppositional forces mounting over the legal operation, private and commercial use of drones, noting that resolution along these battle lines doesn't look near at hand. Kang writes:

Local and state lawmakers, concerned about the safety and privacy risks that drones pose, have been passing rules about the machines at a rapid pace.

More than 20 states approved drone laws this year, as have major cities like Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami, with many of the regulations placing tough restrictions on areas to fly and clamping down on the use of drones to snoop on neighbors.

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