Fast Company writer John Brownlee takes a look at a recent tongue-in-cheek concept from Clive Wilkinson (the designer of the original Googleplex in Mountain View, Calif.,) that proposes a workspace in the clouds as a solution to commuter-related traffic problems. 

Designed for the latest issue of Flaunt Magazine, the magazine had asked designers what they imagine would happen if the two cultures of the United Kingdom and California suddenly collided, merging London, where the average commute is over two hours a day, and the Silicon Valley's work-from-anywhere mentality.

In Wilkinson's concept, London would effectively gain a second level, devoted entirely to open-plan co-working spaces. "It utilizes the scenographic beauty of London, where this workspace blankets the whole city, but opens up everywhere there's an interesting site or a tourist attraction," Wilkinson says. The concept leverages mobile working and internet connectivity so that people can work no matter where they are, just by traveling up into the clouds above their house or flat.

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