The Verge's Jacob Kastrenakes takes a look at the second OnHub router from Google, produced in partnership with Asus. The original router was launched with the goal of making an easy-to-use device that would also provide a stronger Wi-Fi signal than the garden-variety router.

This new version has the same goal, but throws in some new features to boot, including the ability to wave your hand over it in order to prioritize Wi-Fi to a specific device.

But there are still drawbacks:

Of course, there are still limitations to where you can put the router — it needs to be connected to an ugly cable box, after all — but Asus' model at least looks like something you wouldn't mind putting on a shelf, rather than beneath it. Building in motion sensing gestures should also encourage owners to put this router out in the open.

Head over to The Verge, to learn more about Google's latest OnHub router: 

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