Zillow Black Friday residential real estate discount rankings.

Zillow looked at two metrics for its analysis: the actual home discount as a percentage of the original listing price, and the percentage of listings with a recent price cut, as of September 2015.

And now — drum roll, please — for the winners, from Zillow contributor Jordyn Lee.

Detroit comes in at number one, for the second year in a row, as the city to get the biggest home discount. The median discount given on a home in Detroit is 16.7 percent. Detroit leads by a large margin; Cleveland, OH is the next-best city to get a discount, with a median discount of 7.6 percent. Check out Albuquerque, NM and Omaha, NE for the greatest odds of finding a home with a price cut: 23.6 percent of homes in Albuquerque have a price cut, and 23.5 percent of homes in Omaha.

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