in tech, the future is now.

We're getting pretty highfalutin about our mastery and application of technology in our everyday lives. Get this for a lead, from Wall Street Journal tech writers Geoffrey A. Fowler and Joanna Stern.

Entering 2016, the future never felt more within reach.

Science fiction will become science fact this year when you take virtual-reality vacations and your dishwasher reorders its own soap. Are you ready for a drone that follows you around like paparazzi?

The Jetsons up to now felt like a way of connoting the imaginably unachievable. Now the Jetsons are Moore's Law casualties, unimaginably ordinary by comparison with what's been achieved.

But we digress. Check out Fowler and Stern straight away (if you pay for the WSJ; if you don't email me and I'll forward you the article

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