Critics condemned Quicken Loans' $5-million Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl commercial as a blast from an insane housing finance past. But, Urban Institute mortgage expert Laurie Goodman says the ad markets a new technology that allows people to originate mortgages in a safer way than prevailing application processes.

HousingWire staffer Cynthia Barraza outlines Goodman's four reasons Rocket Mortgage will be a boon to solid and sound lending practice. Goodman asserts that would-be borrowers will give lenders easier access to bank information; approvals might be less prone to human error; automation may ease tight credit because of its less-error prone documentation; and digital lending is a fact of new housing finance reality.

In its first-ever Super Bowl commercial, Detroit-based Quicken Loans created a 60-second TV spot, which showcases Rocket Mortgage, its fully online mortgage. It aired to the massive audience, many of whom then promptly proceeded to fuel bombastic panic on Twitter, claiming that Rocket Mortgage will lead to the housing crisis redux.

David Stevens, CEO of the Mortgage Bankers Association also thinks that it shouldn’t have received a lot of backlash.

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