Most profitable business sectors for 2016.

The geography of jobs has always been fluid, and if anything, the speed of change in the contour and richness of local economies makes tracking that shifting geography an ongoing necessity.

One way to look ahead, around corners, and through the clouds at where opportunities are emerging based on economic fundamentals growth is to trendspot industry sectors on the up and up, which is what Forbes correspondent Liyan Chen does in her "Most Profitable Industries in 2016" analysis. Chen, tapping business analytics firm Factset, writes:

We are taking a look at the forecasted net profit margins for 19 major U.S. sectors next year. As shown in the interactive chart below, almost all sectors — with the exception of transportation — will see an increase in profitability, according to Factset.

Just match up the most profitable industry sectors with their job centers and you've got some opportunity areas to explore. Notice which business sector is conspicuous in its absence.
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