RealtyTrac's top 15 "Hipster Zips"

The hipster demographic is hard to define, but as RealtyTrac's Daren Blomquist explains, one thing about this group is certain: They want a cool, fun place to live and in many cases that means an urban area.

This makes hipster home buyers perfect targets for homeowners in city centers who want to sell their houses, he says. Here he provides a list of the top 30 hipster ZIP codes for profitable flipping. You might be surprised to see that more of them are in Pennsylvania than any other state.

Hipsters typically aren’t looking for just any place to live; they are looking for a place that matches their particular vision of what a city, a neighborhood and a home should look, sound, feel, smell and taste like. When they find that vision, they are willing to pay a premium to experience it, which represents a boon for home flippers operating in those areas appealing to the hipster aesthetic — especially given that many of the hipster hot spots are urban core neighborhoods with plenty of older homes in need of major renovation.

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