Fast Company's city listical round-up for 2015

It's December 30, and let's just say you haven't had quite enough of city rankings, talk of "innovation hubs," millennial magnets, sustainability paragons, and other concoctions from the vat of "listical" bliss.

Never fear, for here's Fast Company correspondent Ben "the Thriller" Schiller, with a survey of 2015 city-oriented stories guaranteed to float your boat just one more time before the midnight chime of 2016's arrival. Schiller writes:

Cities became greener and cleaner in 2015, following an exciting long-term trend. Cities added new bike lanes, lovely cycling bridges and new green-spaces. They became more walkable and began to de-emphasize cars in favor of public transit. We saw more "tactical urbanism"—for instance, where parking spaces become temporary parks—and increased civic participation, from participatory budgeting to SeeClickFix.

Never mind that many of us just can not afford to live in one of them.

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