Automation and technology puts almost any job at risk.

The Fast Company "2015 in ..." series has a distinct advantage over a lot of click-bait wannabe sites in that it actually cadences substance with its sizzle.

Here, Fast Company Co.Exist editor Morgan Clendaniel, a real person showcases a line-up of stories about how this cute and shiny cavalcade of automated evil incarnate are jamming the headhunters' email in-boxes with their resumes, answering, without skipping a beat, every challenge and question with the response we'd think of only three days after the job interview. Clendaniel writes of one case after another of their sinister intent:

Most jobs, it turns out, involve a great amount of easily automated busy work. No one is immune, and few tasks are actually not busy work. Even writers are being replaced by machines that can turn out entirely serviceable articles. A world where most of the work is performed by machines could either be a paradise of creativity or a hell of unemployment.

Ask me how I feel about that and I'll tell you, "that does not compute."

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