Since the economic downturn of 2008, the new-home market in the Washington-area has changed with more townhouses being built, and these new-home communities being built closer to office buildings and shopping centers. Washington Post staffer Katherine Salant takes a look at how this market has evolved due to the economy and builders appealing to millennials as well as baby boomers.

Today's buyers in the Washington-area are open to living in smaller townhouses and search for other amenities when looking for a home such as upscale finishes:

Many condos in the city or close-in suburbs are tailored to millennial preferences: small in size but dazzlingly decked out. In units in the Maryland, both the entry door and the floor are finished in walnut, a pricey and unusual choice. The kitchen wall cabinets are a European style with horizontal doors, their handles carefully coordinated with those on the doors;

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