Escape Homes' Prairie-style Traveler XL

The Escape Traveler XL, on a road-trip with its No. 1 missionary, northern Wisconsin-based Dan Dobrowolski, founder and owner of Escape Homes, swung through Texas last week, and Houston Business Journal staffer Paul Takahashi covered the barnstorming tour.

Takahashi reports that the Escape, designed by Kelly Davis of Minneapolis-based SALA Architects Inc., akin to the prairie-style cottages at Dobrowolski’s Canoe Bay resort in northern Wisconsin, are gaining interest in Texas Hill Country. He writes:

Tiny home orders have come in from across the country, including Austin and Houston, Dobrowolski said. Buyers run the gamut from young adults looking to own an affordable tiny home to older folks looking for a small, easy-to-maintain home with many of the creature comforts of a regular-sized home, he said.

BUILDER has written about Escape Homes here.

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