According to a Gallup poll, demographic trends show that by 2050, a majority of the world's population will be concentrated in cities. So the question for city leaders becomes: How are you going to handle it?

New strategies and ideas will be needed to handle the amount of people looking for work and a place to live in cities, writes Gallup’s Jim Clifton.

The good news is, strong leadership teams are already in place within cities. A natural order is already present in the government and local business and philanthropic entities. Most cities have strong, caring leaders working on numerous committees and initiatives to fuel their local economic growth and to create good jobs. Those leaders should attract innovators, yes, but they'll fail if they don't identify and develop entrepreneurs as well.

Simply put, local leaders have to find out who in their town is a high-potential, blue-chip entrepreneur with the God-given talent to build a big, booming business.

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