Scotland-based Tracked Electric Vehicle thinks it's found the solution to electric car owners' road range with an electric highway that charges the car as it goes. The design would have a metal strip embedded in highways that charges electric cars when it makes contact with them.

The father-daughter team behind the project has received a lot of attention from well-known infrastructure builders, even winning a prize for best invention in the industry. They hope to build the first test track next year. And at a price between $1.2 million and $1.8 million per mile, it's actually cheaper than traditional highways, writes Bloomberg reporter Anna Hirtenstein.

There are 1 billion cars on the world’s roads now, and only a 10th of a percent have a power plug. While electric vehicle sales grew 60 percent last year and will grow another 46 percent this year, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance data, the U.S. fleet size of 460,000. That’s far below the critical mass that necessary to win federal infrastructure support.

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