White on white

Bloomberg staffer Del Quentin Wilber is a crime reporter by vocation, and his work has won him awards and distinction. So, when it comes to telling the story of technology consultant Walter Liew, who stole DuPont's protocols for producing its superior titanium white from 1997 to 2011, Wilber rocks it.

The story reads like a Mission Impossible scenario, complete with FBI raids, safe-deposit boxes containing incriminating files, and heavy-duty jail sentences. Wilber writes:

In China, meanwhile, the Chongqing plant remains unfinished, as far as anyone in the U.S. knows. A smaller plant, in Jinzhou, is operational and is widely believed to use DuPont processes. The Justice Department has charged executives of Pangang Group and three subsidiaries with conspiring to commit economic espionage but has not been able to serve the defendants with an indictment. In a final twist, the Chinese may have gotten what they needed directly from the chemical company. Newly filed court documents reveal that the FBI motel raid found evidence DuPont’s computers had been hacked.

Good read.

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