A drone on display at CES in Las Vegas.

In the two and a half weeks since its Christmas-time opening, about 181,000 drone users have registered with the Federal Aviation Administration's (F.A.A) database. New York Times 
staffer Cecilia King reports on the database for users of recreational drones weighing between a half-pound and 55 pounds. 

The database, intended to keep owners accountable for their drones, will track the names, home addresses, and email addresses of users and cost $5. F.A.A administrator Michael Huerta explained that many users had yet to register and the difficulty of informing the public of this mandatory registry:

“Now that we have set up the registration system, our challenge is to make sure everyone is aware of the requirement and registers,” Mr. Huerta said. Recreational users who do not register can face penalties of as much as $27,500.

Too, here is a "take" on the same theme from Bloomberg staffer Joshua Brustein, who covered Huerta's presentation at the CES in Las Vegas this week.

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