Drone restrictions banned unmanned aerial vehicles from flying over designated areas.

DJI today announced plans to add locations to its list of restricted flight locations including prisons.

MarketWatch staffer Sally French has this story reporting that the company currently uses geofencing, a software feature that acts as a virtual barrier, to completely prevent its drones from flying over “no-fly-zones,” which are mostly airports and Washington, D.C.

Adding the restrictions--which could be waived providing the user has appropriate authorization to fly drones for specifically approved flights in those areas--comes at a critical time for all drone manufacturers. French writes:

The move comes at an interesting time for the drone maker, which is projected to exceed $1 billion in sales this year and as the FAA projects millions of drones could be sold this holiday season. Later this week, the FAA is expected to announce rules around commercial drone registration, a move intended to cut down on and identify reckless pilots based on a registration number marked on the drone.

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