Wall Street Journal staffer Anya Martin on how kids and parents can team up to land jumbo mortgage loans from lenders who permit them.

For younger buyers dealing with paying off student debt and early on in their earnings trajectory, it's a tight enough "credit box" out their for conventional loans, let alone a mortgage that exceeds conforming loan limits. Still, Martin writes, there is recourse for parents and children to pool credit qualifications to take down a jumbo. She writes:

The practice is rare, but a few lenders will allow parents to help their adult children qualify for jumbo mortgages, which exceed conforming-loan limits of $417,000 in most places and $625,500 in high-price areas such as San Francisco. A typical scenario: a first-time home buyer whose salary has a strong upward trajectory but who hasn’t been on the job long enough to meet income requirements to buy property in a pricey locale.

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