While the National Football League continues to expand in popularity and dominates the attention of millions each week, does having an NFL stadium in a city boost housing prices?

Daniel Goldstein, a personal finance reporter for MarketWatch, citing Trulia.com research, writes that when it comes to housing near NFL stadiums, most cities are getting sacked for a loss despite civic promises of the venues improving economic growth.

“New stadiums built in the last decade, by and large, have failed to lift the fortunes of nearby neighborhoods,” said David Weidner, Trulia’s managing editor for the company’s research team, in a Jan. 20 report.

For example, though the Oakland Raiders won’t be moving to Los Angeles for a second time, at least not in 2016, in the 21 years that they’ve been in Oakland since their return in 1995, there’s been no measurable improvement in housing prices (nor the team, with only three winning seasons out of the two decades they’ve been back in Oakland) in the area near the O.co Coliseum.

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