Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz announced the Department of Energy will provide $18 million towards six new projects.

The investment is part of a larger goal for to improve the national grid so it can integrate with all the new technologies and renewable energies, with up to $220 million of funding in research and development.

The six new projects are as listed below:

  • Austin Energy (Austin, Texas), $4.3 million for the creation of a distributed energy resource management platform which is adaptable to any region and market structure.
  • Carnegie Mellon University, $1 million for the development of a distributed, agent-based control system to combine smart inverters, energy storage, and home automation controllers and smart thermostats.
  • Commonwealth Edison Company, $4 million to utilize smart inverters for solar PV and battery storage systems, within a microgrid community.
  • The Electric Power Research Institute, $3.1 million to design and make a functional system for end-to-end grid integration of energy storage and load management with PV generation, for 5 utilities.
  • Fraunhofer USA, $3.5 million to design and make a functional system a scalable, integrated PV, storage, and facility load management solution in conjunction with the SunDial Global Scheduler system.
  • The Hawaiian Electric Company, $2.4 million to demonstrate enhanced utility visibility and control of the distribution system while integrating more distributed renewable energy technologies.
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