An outdated house can easily lose its value in the market, but a homicidal death is a true deal breaker for many future homeowners.

Kathryn Vasel of CNN Money writes a huge home value killer is homicide. According to real estate broker Randall Bell, a non-natural death can drop the value by 10 to 25%. Some people feel uncomfortable knowing someone was murdered in their home, therefore it makes these homes difficult to sell. However, there are others who are fine knowing unnatural occurrences have taken place in their house.

Bell consulted on the valuations of homes involved in some high-profile deaths, including O.J. and Nicole Brown Simpson's condo and the home of Adam Lanza, the gunman at Sandy Hook Elementary School.The Lanza home in Newtown, Connecticut, ended up being demolished. "Some circumstances are so horrific...that the property loses all value," Bell said.

"Some buyers are completely fine with it," said luxury real estate broker Samantha DeBianchi in Southern Florida. "It depends on the personality. Some won't even step foot into the home."

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