Dallas City Hall has aimed to make it easier to build homes in southern Dallas in order to increase the number of middle-class homes in the area, reports Dallas Morning News staffer Conor Shine.

Since the effort launched in April, 307 new middle-class single-family homes have been built or issued permits. If the pace continues, the city will easily surpass the goal set by Mayor Mike Rawlings as part of his Grow South initiative to build 1,500 new homes in the area before he leaves office in 2019.

But there are still challenges, including the perceptions that the area lacks infrastructure, offers limited options for schools, and is economically stagnant. Regardless of challenges, though, Rawlings says Dallas needs more middle-class homes.“We’ve got housing that is on the higher end, and we’ve got very inexpensive rental units,” he said. “We don’t have as much of a selection for $150,000 to $500,000 houses, especially in southern Dallas.”

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