Fleye drone has propellers inside

A drone that makes autonomous decision and is safe is the goal of the Belgian company Fleye. They have built what is considered to be the world's safest drone which is the size of a soccer ball with its propellers inside of it. 

CNBC staffer Arjun Kharpal reports on the the company's kickstarter to fund the drone which has currently raised half of it's $190,000 funding goal. Fleye CEO  Laurent Eschenauer explains her vision for drones:

Eschenauer is betting on a world in which drones become ubiquitous and operate in areas from logistics to disaster recovery and even roaming around the office. A camera is attached on the top in order for the drones to recognize the world around it and take decisions, but also so people can take photos and videos.

Restaurants may insist it be on-leash in the dining rooms.

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