NPR tech reporter Aarti Shahani introduces listeners to Jeff Wilson. the mastermind behind the Kasita, tiny self-contained apartments that move when you do.

The Kasita is a 10 by 20 foot steel box that's designed for urban environments, unlike most mobile homes. And it comes complete with modcons like a dishwasher, washer/dryer--even a built-in sound system that features a subwoofer on the floor.

Wilson has a vision: that this little Kasita will be just one unit in a vast global network. From New York to San Francisco to Dubai to Beijing, large cities will have something called a "rack" — a building edifice, where you can pop in, say, six or nine units. There would be hookup valves for water, electricity and sewage. Just plug in your home like you lock your bike. And when a Kasita renter needs to move, just press a button on your smartphone and have your home meet you ... wherever.

He's already leased the land for a rack in Austin. Some units there would go for below-market rates of $600 per month, excluding utilities.

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