Many homeowners fear using all-renewable energy sources because there currently isn't enough of it to keep everyone running 24/7. However, a new study examines the power of a national grid to address that problem.

Fast Company staffer Adele Peters writes that the wind is blowing and the sun is shining somewhere across the U.S. The study states a national grid could cut emissions by 80% and make electricity cheaper.

Storage technology is getting cheaper, and the World Energy Council predicts that it will drop another 70% in the next 15 years. But the model looked at high-voltage power lines that are available and affordable today.

The technology "is cheaper than storage, it can be produced today in large quantities, and it has a proven track record here in the U.S. and abroad," says Clack. "It also facilitate a much larger market for electricity—unlike storage—so it will enable economies of scale, and access to higher productive resources. Storage, on the other hand, will not give any access to cheap resources—it will simply allow a shift of generation in time."

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