Holidays not only mean good meals and family reunions, but also mean long hours of travel to a lot of folks. Yahoo Travel's staffer Sid Lipsey looks at America cities with 322 airports on a number of things that can have an impact on travelers' experience, including flights delayed, flights canceled, average fares, stolen or broken items, and the number of TSA claims filed. 

The results might be surprising. None of those megacities made the top of the ranking. Instead, those top 10 cities with best airports all share one thing in common that they are really tiny. 

The 10 cities with best airports are Moab, Utah, Cedar City, Utah, Lewiston, Ind., West Yellowstone, Mont., Yakutat, Alaska, Pocatello, Ind., Butte, Mont., Hilo, Hawaii, Bethel, Alaska, Great Falls, Mont.   

Head over to Yahoo for cities with the worst airports. 

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