Mainstream consumers are slow to jump on the connected-home bandwagon reports Wall Street Journal staffer Don Clark. While innovative smart-home products are catching attention in the marketplace, the average consumer isn't purchasing internet-connected thermostats or automated lighting systems for their home. 

According to a survey of 28,000 consumers in 28 countries conducted by Accenture LLP, only only about 9% of respondents planned to purchase connected devices this year.

Potential customers have reservations about smart-home technology. Some fear that the Internet of Things will cause their home to be hacked and cause security and privacy risks within the home. 

“Last year, there was a great deal of optimism and bullishness around home automation,” said Dave Bottoms, chief operating officer of PEQ, a smart-home startup that recently shifted strategies after finding little demand for its products in retail stores. “The reality is it is a lot harder and tougher than everybody imagined.”

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