Those home owners in Connecticut who are suffering the results of a bad recipe for the concrete that is crumbling in their basements may be getting some relief, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Two Connecticut lawmakers proposed Friday to create a loan program to help residents with crumbling foundations fix their homes.

Hundreds of people in northeastern Connecticut, within a 20-mile radius of Willington, Conn., northeast of Hartford, own homes whose foundations are deteriorating. State officials say as many as 34,000 homes could be at risk.

An investigation that the state released earlier this month identified the problem: pyrrhotite, a mineral in the concrete used to build the foundations. When exposed to water and air, pyrrhotite produces a chemical reaction that can cause the concrete to break and crumble, according to the findings.

State Sens. Tim Larson and Cathy Osten, both Democrats, called for state legislation that would authorize towns to create a loan program for the homeowners that would be funded by municipal bonds.

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