The Cincinnati Business Courier's Tom Demeropolis looks at the first tiny homes to arrive in Cincinnati, two 440-square foot houses with 290 square feet of livable space being built in the Over the Rhine neighborhood. 

Each two-story home is 16 by 13 feet, complete with a kitchen and living room on the first floor and a bathroom and bedroom on the second.  The tiny homes will command a decent premium: They will sell for $200,000, or about $690 per square foot (!). 

But Cooper said it’s not fair to compare the tiny house’s price on the traditional per-square-foot measurement since it requires all of the infrastructure of a full-sized house.

The other home will be sold to a low-income household rate. Cooper said he is still working out the details on pricing for that home.

Cooper, who is a trained architect, originally wanted to price the homes at $70,000 each. The homes also were originally designed to be smaller with a total of 200 square feet of living space. But he still says at $200,000, a buyer would be getting the tiny home at a good value.
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