Many people are determined to attend an elite college to potentially earn a higher salary; however, sometimes a higher salary depends on the degree.

Eric R. Eide and Michael J. Hilmer of the Wall Street Journal write that earning a degree can provide a better future salary for those in certain fields, and may not make a difference for other degrees. Business and Liberal Arts students have a better chance of earning a higher salary in the future if they attend a prestigious school. Science, tech, engineering and math students' salaries will mostly likely stay the same no matter what school they attend.

Students may not actually be able to get into their desired major at a prestigious school, for one thing, further undermining the value of their choice. And some who do land their major of choice may face other concerns: It may take them longer to graduate than another major would—or they may not graduate at all, which would limit or erase the hoped-for salary advantage.

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