Fast Company staffer Charlie Sorrel takes a closer look at a recent revelation which looked into the state's water "mega-users," wealthy Californians guilty of wasting millions of gallons of water on anything from lawns to artificial waterfalls. And, there's no law against them continuing to do so.

Current state laws place no restrictions on the volume of water used, and rather issues tickets for provable, wasteful behavior. San Francisco's biggest offender lives in the Diablo community and slurps up 3.5 million gallons a year, which, according to research, is 26 times what an average California family consumed even before the drought. 

But even Diablo’s 3.5 million gallon home is a mere dripping tap next to Los Angeles’ worst offender. Up in Bel Air, one home pumps 11.8 million gallons of water out of its pipes in a year. That’s enough for 90 regular family homes.

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