Future rooftop solar users in California will hopefully still be able to sell their energy produced from the panels back to the grid to the grid, according to a new proposal by the California Public Utilities Commission. 

Currently, solar customers are grandfathered into the system - allowing them to sell their solar energy back to the grid for 20 years after the panels are installed. The proposal for future users will a one-time fee for inspections and connection, which is estimated between $75 and $150. The new rules would force users to pay more for programs that aid low-income users, which would add roughly $5 to $10 a month to solar users' energy bills.

The California utilities are unhappy about the proposal and are still arguing solar users should pay more to maintain the costs of the grid that are now being shouldered by the 'dwindling base of non-solar ratepayers.' 

The proposal could be approved as early as the commission's January 28th meeting.

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