The issue that won't go away. The Wall Street Journal reports:

A battle over who should pay for public school construction in California pits developers, home builders and school administrators against Gov. Jerry Brown over a $9 billion state bond referendum on November’s ballot.

At issue is how much the state, local school districts and residential developers should pay toward school facilities across California. Developers and home builders across the country typically pay one-time fees for additional infrastructure such as schools, roads and parks for new residents.

In California, those fees are among the highest in the nation—an average of $72,000 a home in the Bay Area, compared with a low of $2,600 in Houston, according to housing research firm Zelman & Associates. The nationwide average is about $21,000, according to the group.

Home builders in California argue that if voters don’t approve the statewide bond—as they have four times since 1998—more of the cost burden will be shifted to developers, increasing the price tags of new homes in a state with some of the nation’s highest housing costs.

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