Photo courtesy The Guardian 
Photo courtesy The Guardian 

The Guardian's Madeleine Somerville asks a provocative question: If the number of people living in a home continues to decrease, why is the square footage of homes rising?

While the average home size was 983 sq ft in 1950, it jumped to 2,480 sq ft by 2011. But that increased space isn't to accommodate  more people: The number of people in the American home was 3.37 in 1956 but is down to 2.6 today. 

But homes can't continue to grow bigger indefinitely:

So if bigger homes aren’t the solution, what is? I suggest heading in the exact opposite direction: deliberately choose a life with less. Buy less and instantly you have less to store; you use less space. Eventually you can work less to pay for all of this stuff. Soon you will stress less too and, above all, your life will involve less waste.

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