Seeking Alpha has its eye on a couple home builder stocks, but they're not from the companies one would ordinarily expect:

Nearly a decade after the financial crisis, interest rates remain at zero. Fed watchers have been arguing for years that policymakers will soon raise rates, only to see the possibility put off yet again (and again and again). While many believe Yellen and company have stuck with ZIRP due to worries about the impact of a hike on the stock market, a bigger concern might be housing.

In both 2004 and 2005, there were almost two million new homes built in America. That number dropped below 500,000 after the financial crisis. In 2016, almost one million single- and multi-family homes will go up. That's good but not great, especially in light of fact that roughly 500,000 homes are torn down every year.

With rates at zero and the US housing supply reduced after years of below replacement construction, one would think housing stocks would be trading at historically high multiples of earnings and price-to-book levels. That has not happened, which continues to make select housing stocks extremely attractive.

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