Water and basements don't mix well. This Michigan builder went to great lengths to ensure that the subterranean abode in this home stays dry.

CANNON TOWNSHIP, MI – When home builder Joel Peterson was hired to build a six-bedroom lakefront house on the eastern shore of Bostwick Lake, he had several limitations to overcome.

Building height restrictions, a small lot and a high water table limited Peterson's ability to build up, out or down around the popular inland lake half an hour northeast of Grand Rapids.

"Essentially, we sunk the home into the water table," said Peterson on Thursday, Oct. 6, as workers scrambled to complete the house for the Parade of Homes' opening day on Friday, Oct. 7. "It was a very complex project."

Using wells dug around the lakefront lot, they employed a de-watering process took three months before they could dig a basement and pour footings for the house, says Peterson. Then, they created a giant rubber bladder that encased the foundation, parts of which sit four feet below the water table, says Peterson.

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