More and more Brooklyn residents are choosing to build homes with metal exteriors reports New York Times contributor Kaya Laterman. Metal cladding has becoming a popular option for its low cost, durability, and sleek, modern feel.

Metal siding is estimated to only make up about 6% to 7% of the overall residential cladding market in North America. Brooklyn residents favor metal siding with a funky, artistic look, and don't tend to choose options that mimic traditional materials. On average, installed prices per square foot an be roughly $3 to $7 for vinyl, $8 to $12 for fiber cement and $7 for steel or aluminum.

“When you talk about corrugated metal, it’s hard for some people to look beyond the image of a rusty shed,” said Jeff Etelamaki, the principal of Etelamaki Architecture in Brooklyn, who as part of a renovation gave a multifamily house in the South Slope area a new corrugated galvanized sheet metal front, replacing a dated stone facade. “But it has a great texture and gives the building a very contemporary look.” He estimated the cost of the materials, uninstalled, was about $3,000.

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