It looks like the May jobs report from the Labor Department was an aberation. Here's CNN Money on the July report, released Friday morning:

The U.S. added 287,000 new jobs in June, according to the Labor Department report released Friday.

It's a massive rebound from May when the U.S. added a mere 11,000 jobs. In fact, hiring in June hugely exceeded expectations. CNNMoney's survey of economists projected only 177,000 job gains.

Unemployment rose slightly to 4.9% (up from 4.7% in May). That's probably a good sign. More Americans appear to be looking for work again. Many believe America is at -- or near -- full employment, but the overall share of Americans working is at its lowest point since the 1970s. Some of that is because Baby Boomers are retiring, but there's concern that some people just gave up looking for jobs after the Great Recession.

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