Those who do not have a higher education will find job hunting  harder than before, according to Wall Street Journal staffer Nick Timiraos, who reports job growth mayhave a negative effect on thosewithout college degrees.

 The advantage towards people with an educational background has increased in the last several years. Some of the fastest growing jobs aren't just seeking those with an undergraduate degree, but are now looking for  a master's ordoctorates degrees. Jobs only requiring a high school diploma are experiencing minimal job growth in comparison to jobs requiring higher education. 

The Labor Department’s recent release of biennial job market forecasts shows that the fastest-growing jobs tend to favor workers with more education, workers in jobs dominated by women and workers in urban areas, according to analyses by Jed Kolko, an economist based in San Francisco.

 Mr. Kolko finds that jobs concentrated in urban areas will grow faster than those in suburban or rural areas, though the differences here are more modest. 

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