ValuePenguin's Andrew Pentis and Rebecca Wessell present the best cities for young families this year, based on factors such as education, safety, healthcare and three expert opinions. Three cities in Texas grabbed the top five spots on the list, with Austin at number one, followed by Houston (No. 2) and Dallas (No. 5). Sioux Falls, S.D., held the top spot for working parents, followed by Fargo, N.D., and Des Moines, Iowa.

San Jose, Calif., Grand Rapids, Mich., and Austin, Texas, were the top three cities for education environment:

Perhaps the most important consideration for young families and the city in which they choose to live, education quality is not easy to quantify. With the best of intentions, we cobbled together four categories to comprise an education score: the number of children in a city; the percentage of families in poverty; the rating of the school systems (as performed by; and the proximity of state universities. Our belief is that kids should grow up with other kids, go to good elementary and secondary schools and have the option of paying discounted in-state tuition for their undergraduate degrees.

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