Parking in a big city isn't easy, and for renters it continues to be an obnoxious everyday struggle.

Mark Uh of Truila gives the best and worst places for big city renters to park, and places like Washington, D.C., New York, and Philadelphia make the list. Washington ranked second worst after Manhattan. However, Manhattan has 10 neighborhoods that have the best parking, while Philadelphia has the 10 worst.

Every city handles its parking resources differently. So renters and buyers should consider local rules and regulations when making parking choices.

For instance, even though Washington D.C. had the biggest shortage of parking, monthly prices advertised recently on Craigslist ranged from $75 to $225 for a parking space, depending on the neighborhood. In San Francisco, where parking is more plentiful, prices ranged from $200 to $400. And in Seattle, a parking spot in bustling Pike Market costs roughly $70 to $100. 

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