Bank of America Millennials' Outlook

Bank of America recently released it's Year-End Millennial Snapshot which shows that the Great Recession plus their parents own insights have helped shaped how millennials manage their financial lives. Their study was done using the data of over 3500 millennials across 7 studies in 2015. 

One of the bigger takeaways form the snapshot was that despite turbulence during formative/coming of age years, millennials were still optimistic:

While only 21 percent of millennial small business owners reported six months ago that their company had completely recovered from the Great Recession, optimism has remained strong throughout the year despite the slow recovery2. Data from November proves optimism is not only strong, but showing major growth – with 88 percent of millennial entrepreneurs expecting their business to grow over the next five years...

For more information on Bank of America's Year-End Millennial Snapshot, head over to Business Wire:

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