Grads are back in the game as far as employment opportunity.

MarketWatch staffer Jillian Berman looks at new analysis released Monday by Georgetown’s Center for Education and the Workforce that explores "underemployment" trends, causes, and further implications.

The report focuses on a couple of key areas, young adult underemployment that is being eased as Baby Boomer near and reach retirement, and the painstakingly slow return to "full employment" following the depths of the Great Recession. Berman quotes one of the Georgetown Center for Education and the Workforce authors, Anthony Carnavale:

“Even with the job creation that we’ve had so far, we’re still 7 million jobs short of what we would have had if we hadn’t had the Great Recession,” he said. “While full recovery, in my mind, is somewhat down the road, the recovery is taking people with college degrees first.”

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