Fast Company's Charlie Sorrel takes a look at a recent argument against vertical living from writer Eric Reguly. Reguly likens the architectural integrity of skyscrapers to the H&Ms of the fashion world, claiming the cookie-cutter, fast-fashion-like approach is eroding away the character of major cities, and making them as homogeneous as shopping mall stores.

Making an example out of London, he also cites the structures' lack of environmental conscience. Unlike low-rise buildings, you can't simply open windows to regulate temperature, requiring a 24/7 heating and cooling system.

Skyscrapers are killing our cities. Just like cookies, while one or two are fine, if you have too many, everything is thrown out of balance. The problem is that these huge buildings stand alone and don’t relate to their surroundings, instead following an almost cookie-cutter design and creating a sameness to the skylines of every major (and not so major) city.

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