US News and World Report staffer Lisa Leff reports on how San Francisco school districts are considering building apartments to keep their teachers around.

The idea to build these apartments stemmed from Silicon Valley's 70-unit teachers-only apartment complex. Housing has become an issue for many teachers who live in expensive cities. Nearly $35 million of the $310 million has been raised for construction of about 100 new apartments.

The units would be rented at below-market rates to the district's 3,500 teachers and 1,600 classroom aides, who also would be eligible for new rental housing allowances and home down payment loans aimed at reducing living costs for another 300 educators, Deputy Superintendent Nyong Leigh said.

Assistant Superintendent Shannon Pelland said. In an area where the average home sells for $630,000 and the average teacher makes $47,000, housing costs are "without a doubt the number one reason we lose teachers and it's the number one reason people turn down jobs," Pelland said.

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