CityLab staffer Kriston Capps digs into a growing issue in the Lone Star State—groups of young people living together to save money.

While the idea of students banding together to rent a house is certainly nothing new, there seem to be a trend of more students packing into smaller houses--and more homeowners subsequently raising a stink about it. In college towns like Austin, the proliferation of what's being referred to as "stealth dorms" is, in the opinion of some, taking over the area like ... a death storm?

Last month, the Fort Worth City Council moved to protect the city against stealth dorms. The council passed a new ordinance defining a “single housekeeping unit” as a standard for occupancy. No more than five unrelated people may occupy a single-family home, no matter how large it is.

... Austin continues to struggle with the question. The council recently declined to limit guests for short-term rentals (such as Airbnb) to six people. Next year, leaders will decide whether to renew or discard the occupancy limits. But there is a way to stop dread stealth dorms without changing zoning rules: Build more affordable multi-family housing and apartment options for low-income renters ... 
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